The Immowert Real Estate Group has been active on the Austrian real estate market as an investor and project developer since 1988. From the start, the family-owned company has specialized in luxury residential properties in inner-city areas. Over time, the investment field was extended to hotels, office complexes and commercial property. In 2005 the Immmowert Group included the Berlin market at the same parameters into their portfolio and extended it ever since. 

The value of the currenty portfolio the the Immowert Group amounts to around 400 million Euros and grows at a constant pace. With hundreds of transactions settled since the companies founding and close to one billion of transaction volume the company is among the top project developers and property investors in ​the country. With an annual investment sum of around 150 million Euros the Immowert Group is focused on choosing their projects according to location and the best possible project development. 

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